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The Climate Bar Association is a Specialist Bar Association, which aims to pursue practical green and environmental initiatives within the Law Library and surrounding neighbourhoods. This ties in with the Law Library’s own green status as well as outreach to the community in Dublin 7.

CBA is a think-tank of environmental law expertise and thought leaders in environmental law and biodiversity protection for the Irish legal community and for Irish society. This supports the Bar of Ireland’s public service objectives as well as raising the profile and highlighting the expertise of the Bar externally.

We enable members to use their expertise to support NGO’s and other litigants to engage in environmental advocacy and litigation where relevant. This supports the Bar’s pro-bono commitments, and also opens up and supports areas of work for our members.


Demystifying the Cost of Environmental Justice on the island of Ireland

This half-day conference will explore the ‘cost’ of environmental justice on the island of Ireland from two angles:

What are the financial costs for citizens and NGOs who pursue environmental justice through the legal systems and how can we develop our understanding of the rules around costs in both jurisdictions?
What sources of funding and other supports are available to citizens and NGOs in both jurisdictions, and are new initiatives required?

Demystifying the Cost of Environmental Justice on the island of Ireland
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